Multi-annual maintenance plan

Drawing up a multi-annual maintenance plan is highly specialised work. EBS Services can take charge of this for buildings, technical installations, sites, and infrastructure. The first step is inventory taking, which allows us to determine the condition of each separate part. We also take account of the coherence of maintenance activities and we draw up a maintenance forecast. Usually, a multi-annual maintenance plan covers a 10-year period, but it can also be drawn up for a shorter or longer timeframe (a maximum of 40 years).

Maintenance plan

So, what can you expect from the EBS expertise, condition assessment and multi-annual maintenance plan, and what are the advantages?
• An insight into the structural state of the building and its installations.
• An insight into the expected maintenance costs for your property, both short- and long-term.
• A clear and feasible annual maintenance schedule.
• The prevention of unnecessary expenses resulting from overdue maintenance.
• A lighter burden on your organisation through a partnership with external professionals.

Maintenance plan

• An analysis and simulation of the different options.
• A transparent multi-annual plan, with a clear overview of the maintenance works required.
• An overview of the expected maintenance and replacement costs.
• Full support in maintenance management and operations.
• Advice on when structural and technical elements should be replaced.

Maintenance plan
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