Inspections with drones

Inspecting buildings and infrastructure is of great importance to know to defects and thus to know what actions need to be taken. In this way we keep real estate in a good condition and keep the value of the asset high.

Our qualified inspectors will visually inspect the asset and determine the defaults and condition of all important structural elements.

The elements we examine includes:

  • The building’s structural engineering, from foundation to roof
  • The façade, window frames, windows and doors
  • The gutters, rainwater and waste water drainage
  • Roofing including bitumen, roof tiles and chimneys
  • Floors, walls and ceilings
  • Piping and wiring for gas, water and electricity
  • The complete technical installation

During the inspections, drones will be used mainly for:

  • Difficult to access roof inspections
  • Tall building inspections
  • Inspection of infrastructure (For example bridges, railways, masts, wind turbines, piers, dams)
  • Solar panel inspections
  • Thermal inspections (heat loss)
  • Property insurance inspections (post damage inspection)
Inspections with drones

Advantages of using drones

Minimizing obvious dangers and health risks

Inspecting tall buildings, complex structures, bridges, roofs and infrastructures can put inspectors in dangerous situations. Drones enable easy and safe inspections with the same inspecting qualities. Drones eliminates the need for inspectors to physically access hostile environments, where factors such as height, wind, waves, weather, and radiation can lead to accidents or health issues. Drones can easily access difficult-to-reach areas while eliminating the need for a human to go there using the risky mechanical tools.


Flexibility to suit a majority of inspections

Drones are flexible and have the ability of inspecting high or low areas  and come in various sizes and high performing camera’s providing a wide selection to suit a variety of inspection needs. In addition, the flexibility and ease of customizing with a diverse variety of tools allows them to be equipped with endless applications. This is very useful for a wide variety of inspections. Drones captures a variety of data such as photos, video, thermal images. Drones transmit data that can be viewed in real time or can be collected to use for reporting. Drones collect and share information that would take days using conventional means.


Ability to inspect hard to reach and hazardous areas

High tech drones are making it possible for our inspectors to easily collect aerial data in places where it would be otherwise logically impossible to inspect. Using drones with the necessary preparation and safety analysis, is safer especially in hostile environments for applications, such as radiation monitoring, inspecting high-voltage lines, and other installations that can cause injuries or health problems. Since most of these applications must be inspected while still in operation, a manual process would require more expensive equipment and protection gear.


Little to zero downtime for equipment and systems

Manual inspections on life equipment require shutting down equipment or systems to avoid damage or injuries to the inspection personnel. However, drones can safely inspect complex systems, such as radars, communication towers and other infrastructure, while they are operating. With the use of zoom camera’s the drone can stay within a safe distance of the equipment and still providing high quality data. This means that inspection does not interfere with services or production, avoiding any downtime.


Quick deployment or launch

After a thorough preparation our licensed pilots can launch a drone inspection within a very short time upon request. If needed it can only takes minutes to launch a drone-based inspection, making drones suitable for both regular and emergency scenarios. In addition, drones are fast and capable of completing an inspection in 5-20 minutes. As such, an insurance company, construction engineer, lending company or prospective home buyer can easily request an inspection and get fast results. EBS Services can be contacted 24/7 on the duty number +33 6 88 03 23 41


Collection of in-depth and high detailed data

Drones equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities and zoom camera’s are able to collect high quality data. The high-resolution images or video will clearly show defects such as cracks, damage, misplaced wires and other defects at elevations and angles that humans cannot. This allows for collection of more comprehensive data without exposing the inspection team to risks.


Time saving 

Using inspection drones will minimize the high cost and time required using aerial lifts, erect ladders, access towers, swing stages, and other heavy equipment. In addition, renting or acquiring of ladders, heavy equipment, aerial lifts and safety gear is avoided. Since the job takes less time, it is more cost effective and more inspection can be done in the same time period

Not only for inspections, but also to capture aerial estate photography or for recording footage of property, land, estates and farms you can count on our professional services. From an aerial perspective, we are able to apply our extensive background and experience, combined with our knowledge of inspections, drone photography and editing suites, to produce beautiful bespoke aerial photography or footage of the client’s property.

An aerial shot or short film of an estate or property will generate greater interest, thereby increasing its potential sale ability if included in the estate agent’s marketing strategy. Estate photography of a property or asset can also give the potential purchaser a better-informed picture of the scale and extent of the outside areas.

Drone property photography is more likely to catch the eye of a potential buyer compared with a standard ground level image, giving your property a valuable edge from the outset. Our pilots will liaise to your requirements, capturing any details you deem important and ensuring that you have the best possible outcome by increasing interest in your property sale.

For all your inspection or aerial estate photography requirements, please contact us for further details on +32 475 79 59 15 or

Inspections with drones
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